Case study - Shopping App but something different.

Step 1 : Interview / Detect problems

This is a mobile native app for Fashion E-commerce. but a bit special concept - a Deal products, Luxury oulet, between User und Private Seller (Sellers are registered on this app).
also user journey of this app is a bit different, compare with other Fashion E-Commerce, the process of “How to order” will be done via "comments" on the product screen.

Since I figured about concept/core function of this product. I interviewed 2 groups of users.

Group A . Seller
Their main action is..
1.Take pictures of products
2. input Products' details
3. upload their items.

I found their common problems.
1. "Product upload", because mostly when they are inside of shops in Germany, internet connection is not so good.- short text chat is not problem but upload images is always issue.
2. "Descripe of Product", their current platform which they are using, does provide only empty text box. so they has to write down all information manually.

Group B. Customer
Their main actions is...
1. Get the notification of new items.
2. Send the questions via "message"
3. When they are decide to buy an item from a seller, then request to buy it.
4. Payment process.

I found their common problems,
1. They are not sure about size.
2. Trust seller.

Here are some important check list to solve the problems.

Seller app
A. Seller app has to be work without login process. it has to work 2 different sitatuaion (Online and Offline). Save as Draft / Publish whenever Seller wants.
B. Description part has to have "Select" functions of specific.

Customer app
A. Comments should be published on the Product screen-other users can see whole conversation to increase trust.
B. The app doesn't allow Privat message between Seller and Customer.
B-1. when Customer decides to buy a product from a Seller, the chat process has to be changed to chat bot system.

Step 2. Information Architecture

During meeting, Information architecture has to be defined for 2 separate apps.
There are 2 groups of user.
Group A. "Seller" who sell their deals
Group B. "Customer" who buy Seller's deals.

1. Seller has to have their own app to upload items and to chat with customers.
2. Seller app has a function - draft fuction-when their mobile has no network.
3. Customer app needs a chat bot function, when customer wants to buy a product.
4. Customer app display not only seller's deal also Boutique's products.
Information Architecture-for Customer App Ver.1
Information Architecture-for Seller App & Customer App Ver.2

Step 3. Flow chat for User/System and Wireframe

There were many cases of user journey flow chart, but I will show only few cases.
Case1. system flow chart (from Seller's product upload on Seller app to show product detail screen on Customer app)
Case 2. User journey flow char : From Product detail screen to "Request order"

Step 4. to be continue....

From this step, It is all about Wireframe and Prototype. It is still on going process( Code develop ).
As soon as on the market I will post rest of pieces!